Saturday, November 8, 2014

Matte Top Coat Review

Happy Saturday! I have been in love with the new matte nail polish colors that I have been seeing on various blogs and pinterest pages lately that I decided to try it at home. Yes, I will admit, I am not the best at applying nail polish and I move way too much so I do apologize for the messy job and the not clear photos. Anyway, I woke up today with a mission to find a top coat and give it a go, the only brand that I found was Sally Hansen big matte top coat at Walgreens and gave it a go.  

Here they are lined up waiting for me.

I started with one of my favorite base coats and it is a gel based from Revlon, which leaves the nail bed smooth and strong. It does say it can be used as a top coat but I have never tried it to let you know how it is. 

I followed it by applying my go to nail polish brand and color, dress to kilt by Essie. I can never get enough of any of the colors made from this brand and this one just fits the 3 seasons out of the year for me. 

I was finally ready to add my matte top coat! At first I didn't notice the difference and as it dried more the matte finish started to show.

Here is a comparison of the matte finish and one without. It's not very clear but the best I can do with my iPhone.

I finally finished all my nails and if I had the talent like most people do then I think it would've turned out great but I am still happy with my results and as I finish this post they are becoming more matte as it dries. I can't wait until I try it on other colors, however I think I will ask someone else to do since I clearly didn't do such a great job. What do you think of the new matte trend?

Base Coat: Revlon Nail Polish: Essie, dress to kilt Top coat: Sally Hansen Big Matte

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