Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

wedding dress



YSL Clutch

It's my Birthday and I'm closing a book and starting a new one! This is going to be the year of stepping forward and taking risks. I start a new job in January, I get married, and I move out of my parents house (yes, you read that correctly). I can't believe how fast life goes by and how things happen when you are the least prepared, however I couldn't be more thankful. Looking back, I've done some ridiculous things and some I regret and some not so much but without that I don't think I would have been this ready to embrace my... 30's! Well here we go, cheers to the past, present, and future. I'll have a sip for you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and reading my blog, and another sip to wish everyone a fabulous day!

As for this dress, there is no link to say where it is from because it is made from a curtain and home sewn. It is one of my favorite dresses and I had to wear it for a little bit to celebrate. You will be surprised with what you can make with whatever is around you.

Dress: Home Sewn Shoes: Aldo (old) Clutch: Vintage YSL Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. nice dress!! ;]]
    nice pics ; -))


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  2. Great post! I feel like my life has changed drastically in the past year or so since I got married! Congratulations! And you look gorgeous by the way! Love that dress and that clutch xx

  3. Have a lovely weekend dear!

  4. Hey Christine all the best look great in this dress....and a very happy belated birthday wish from progressivepanache

  5. Beautiful dress! Happy belated birthday as well

    Made in Mauve

  6. How Fraulein Maria of you! I love it! Happy Birthday! :-*