Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The 10 Dollar Gift Guide

The 10 dollar Gift Guide

H M satin scarve, $4.69 / Tech accessory / Soup mug / Burt's Bees Beeswax Bounty Assorted Mix / FOREVER 21 Faux Shearling Bear Slippers / Warhol Pencil Set / WINTER MAGIC by_Mago74 el (55).png / Pamphlet Notebook Small 041 - Shepherds London / Herbivore Botanicals for The Motley Clarifying Charcoal Soap by The... / Daneson Whiskey Soaked Toothpicks / Products Michoucas Design

So my fiancé and I decided that this year for Christmas we can only spend 10 dollars on each other since the wedding is coming up and we would rather use that money on something else (maybe the honeymoon or a down payment for a place). As I searched online for hours I barely found anything but I did come across a few items that are great for those who are on a strict budget. I did not post the gift I ended up buying in case he comes snooping the page but my second option for him was the whisky soaked toothpicks.

The leaves that are framed is actually a card that is placed behind a frame. This is a great DIY for those cute cards that you want to buy but not give away, just frame a few and put it up on the wall all for less that 5 bucks. What gift ideas do you guys have that are budget friendly?


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