Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Unforgettable Trip to New Orleans

Ready to go at the airport! 
A young street brass band playing great jazz music. The music in the Jazz clubs especially on Frenchmen Street were beyond amazing, it was so beautiful and perfect. It taught me a new appreciation towards Jazz.
A Crawfish Boil at the fly, a local park that my cousin we ran into at the airport in LAX invited us too! Such a real New Orleans experience.

Taking in the sunset with a beer by the Mississippi River.

Jumping with joy on our way to Bywater or possibly in Bywater.

The colors and such a bicycle friendly city.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the architecture, so pretty.

The hat festival. This is when the older ladies show off their Easter hats in a Easter hat parade. These hats and ladies were just something else. 

Our favorite bar and where people dressed very southern preppy, this was right after Easter Mass. Those hats and those mint julips!

Easter Parade Number 2. This woman named Chris Owens (I think) has been putting this together for years and it's very costume driven and they throw Mardi Gras beads and carrots. 

Beads everywhere! My personal instagram has a photo of all the beads we collected. This was before Easter Parade number 3, the Gay Parade. 

The day I caught my cold was the perfect day for a swamp tour in the Bayou. The tour reminded us of the pirates of the caribbean ride at Disneyland, actually all of New Orleans felt like the French Quarter at the Disneyland, they did good.

I saw one and I tried one. For those who can't tell, it's an alligator. 

New Orleans...You are something totally different. When I first landed with my sister we got in pretty late and pretty hungry so we checked in and went around town looking for food. Now, this was the night that got me worried about me and if we booked the trip for too long, Bourbon street was disgusting and it was close to impossible to find a place to eat but by Friday morning I had changed my mind. We woke up and had beignets at cafe de monde, WOW, amazing! Worth the wait! Right after, we grabbed our first drink (you can drink on the streets there) and we didn't stop until Monday. We went to a crawfish boil at the park, we went to Bywater, Magazine st, Carousel bar, and restaurant after restaurant, the food is AMAZING! I think I gained weight but thank goodness for all that walking. The city has so much color and life that I was worried about how I would see Los Angeles when I returned, it's definitely not the same. If you are planning on going out there, I recommend eating the food and going during Easter. It is an experience to see and discover, totally worth a trip.


  1. Oh my goodness it looks FABULOUS there. You captured what I see in my head when I think of New Orleans, through your camera lens so well. I would be well scared of the crocodile, but at the same time in awe. Thanks for sharing these with us, I'm glad you liked your trip (apart from the begining!) :)

  2. Great colourful photos... have fun!