Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rocksbox you Rock!!!





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Bathing Suit: ASOS | Jewelry: Rocksbox | Clutch: Old

Good Morning Friends! A few weeks ago, ROCKSBOX asked me to be a sponsor for 3 months and I was so excited! I get to wear all this fun jewelry and look fabulous? Why would I say no???? I headed over to the website, picked out a few of my favorite pieces and added them to my wishlist, a stylist on their head picks out on piece and makes a set with other stuff that I might like. It's like lending jewelry that you need to return, how awesome is that! How many times do we spend crazy amount on jewelry then wear it once or twice then toss it and purchase a new one? With ROCKSBOX you pay only 19 bucks a month and get all this great stuff! Wear it, then you can buy what you like or send it all back for a new set! How perfect! If you would like to try it then go to the website and put in the code amberisrealxoxo for a one month free trial. Let me know how it goes!!!

In the meantime, I will lay out by the pool and catch up on where to go on my honeymoon! That bathing suit is from ASOS and I love it! A bit sexy but it is my honeymoon. Also, while I am on my trip, I will be starting a new instagram and blog called Culturashion, it's where culture is the inspiration for fashion. I will be taking photos and journaling the fashion and culture of different ethnicities and cultures. Stay Tuned!!!


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