Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Honeymoon in CUBA

Hola Amigos! Well I just got back from my honeymoon in Cuba and it was out of this world! I don't even know where to begin! Let's start with our flight, it was tricky since there aren't any real direct flights to Cuba from Los Angeles so a layover in Mexico City was our only hope and it was crazy (plus that's where we got our visa's from). 

Our first day there was an adjustment with so much air pollution everywhere and it just stuck in the air because of the humidity, it was intense! Anyway! That weekend across the Malecon (along the beach) there was the carnaval that is supposed to be a much smaller version of the one in Brazil. The owner of our AirBnB said be careful because a lot of people drink on the streets and start fights but there was nothing but dancing, drinking, and laughter all around us. 

On our second day we went to the beach and wow was it gorgeous! The water was perfect and the sand was so soft it felt like cotton. I want to go back just to lay out with a Cerveza. 
 Below I have more photos from our trip! I won't give you the day by day of our trip but here are some photos that either I took or my husband. We couldn't stop putting our cameras down! However, it is a huge attention grabber and locals come up to you asking where you are from and then for some money. You would think his sleeves would intimidate people but no, people wouldn't stop talking to us and assuming we were rich. The more tattoos you have the richer you are in Cuba, very interesting. They also thought he was superman, that was hilarious! 
cuban cigars
Two elder women smoking their cigars in front of their house. 

Havana, Cuba
Classic Cars all around town but the engines are apparently Hyundai. However, the bookstores have books on how to fix old American engines so there are a few with the original engine. 

La Habana Taxi
That's me in the back of a taxi cab! 

Havana Cuba Barrio
An old couple in the Barrio. 

cuban trumpet
We were walking down the Malecon when we saw this man playing his trumpet out to the sea. The two songs we heard the most were Guantanamera and the Girl from Impanima.

Havana Streets
A car classic car driving down the street.

Ernest Hemingway Cuba
Hemingway's reading room. His house was so gorgeous, I would love to live in his house. 

Havana's Classic American Cars
Another Classic Car.

This was an eery communist bar that was run by the government. The officials stood outside in their uniforms, there was a man on the phone in the corner the entire night, and the music was lowered (almost turned off) when the phone rang. Such an interesting experience. 

Wooden Doors of Cuba
Old Habana, after we bought some paintings and decided to stroll around town. Hovig snapped this photo of me by the door I was in love with. You can see through the keyhole! They had a beautiful garden.

Convertible happiness
In the convertible leaving Che Guevara 's house. 

old habana and cristo
This was our ride for 10 minutes. I loved it! I feel like we are newlyweds taking a photo in our first car. 

Dogs of Cuba
And this photo! Their dogs have photo id's with their information just like our driver license or any I.D.  I have to make one for my dog, I just have too.

 Well, this was just a glimpse into my honeymoon and into the country that was once and possibly still is the forbidden fruit for many Americans. Would we go back? Yes! Would I stay in Havana the entire time? No. Next time I would love to go and drive down the coast with a group of friends and explore Trinidad, Vinales, Varadero, and many many more. Everything there was great. The food was amazing, the drinks were tasty and cheap, the people were sweet, and the music was lively and it just got you moving. Such a great place to visit and an experience on it's own!


  1. Ulala amigos! Your honeymoon looks fun! Hahaha... Why did you choose Cuba by the way? <3

    1. Ho Novi! We wanted to see Cuba before it starts to change. The Cubans were remodeling a lot of buildings and fixing streets. When we asked why, they kept saying because the Americans are coming. I really hope they still keep their culture.

  2. Yeah, reading your blog, they have such beautiful culture and so many interesting places. I hope they don't change it too much.

  3. Its very informative. Its situated in the Caribbean. Its capital is Santiago de Cuba. This place is famous for its diverse and rich culture.