Monday, September 28, 2015

The Sunday Challenge

 Skirt: Zara (old) / Shirt: Gap / Jacket: Forever 21 / Clutch: J.Crew (similar here) / 
Shoes: New Balance 420 / Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom

Shorts: H&M / Shirt: Chicago Airport (a gift from his bachelor party) / 
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Slip Ons / Bag: TJ Maxx / Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom

Jumper: Zara / Clutch: J.Crew / Shoes: New Balance / Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom

Good Morning Everyone! How was everyone's weekend? These past 3 Sunday's, I have started to give my husband the challenge of dressing me in what he likes and would call fashion then we take a photo. Sometimes I LOVE what he picks and goes through my closet and picks out things I forgot I had but sometimes I cringe but luckily for the one I cringed the zipper broke! The zipper breaking allowed me to wear the Zara jumpsuit I bought for date night on Friday, I love it but suede in 90 degrees is just not ok, I was dying!

On a side note... I am slowly starting to move away from this blog and starting another one (it will hopefully be ready by Thanksgiving) and also I have been collaborating with another couple bloggers and we have started a new fashion blog called loveandnothin. I will continue posting on concreterunwayla for as long as I can, it was my first and it is my baby, I just cannot abandon her that easily. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Street Art and Fashion


new balance 420


teen vogue

Skirt: Zara (old) / Shirt: Gap / Jacket: Forever 21 / Clutch: J.Crew (similar here) / 
Shoes: New Balance 420 / Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom

Good Morning, how was everyone's Labor Day? My husband and I went out to Manhattan Beach and rode our bikes up and down the coast, one of my favorite pass time activities. Believe it or not, I let my husband dress me up this morning to see what he would put together and though it was out of my comfort zone, I liked what he put together. What do you guys think? Did he do good?